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Mr_Cynical 05-11-2006 10:38 AM

Can any Linux PIMs sync with a Windows Mobile 2003 PocketPC?
First of all, sorry if this is a n00bish question (probably is).

I am thinking of setting up a SUSE dual boot (with xp, for games, but that's not what I need to know about) because I read that it is fairly easy to use and has wifi and wpa compatibility 'out of the box'.

I'm also aware that the SUSE installer will give me a choice between KDE and Gnome. I'm not particularly bothered either way about which desktop I use, but I was wondering whether their respective PIM clients (Kontact and Evolution I think) can sync calendar, contacts and tasks with a Windows Mobile 2003 PocketPC (a HP Ipaq 2210 if it makes any difference). Other PocketPC functions (such as installing software etc.) aren't hugely important, but I would like to have sync.

PS: I only mention Kontact and Evolution because from what I've read they seem to be the main PIM programs on Linux. If there is another PIM program (e.g. Thunderbird + Calendar, which I use on Windows) that has sync capability then please let me know what it is, and what desktop it runs on, so I can use it instead.


ahz10 10-04-2006 03:59 PM

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