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elyk1212 01-13-2005 01:40 AM

Camera /dev/sd*1 device causes issues with Konqueror
Hi there.
This may be a bug in KDE, I am using mandrake 10.1 Official DVD and Windowing=>.KDE 3.2.3. When ever I place a digital camera in my USB slot, on a hub or otherwise, (it is an old HP Photosmart 315), FAM or something mounts the darn device, edits my fstab file (eliminating all my hard work :( ) and when I attempt to fire up a new Konqueror, the action freezes with no results. When I try to fire up Konqueror from a bash shell to debug, there are no errors or output to the console. I am beginning to think this is yet again another FAM nightmare.

Interestingly, mount allows whatever daemon that automounts to mount the /mnt/camera device multiple times. So when the device is disconnected, and reconnected 'sometimes' udev or something will register a new device, say 'sd[a-z]n' Where [a-z] is any letter and n is any number. Very odd. Please let me know if anyone of you has experienced this peculiar behavior. Doesn't look like much testing has gone into the digital camera auto mounting on 'KDE/Mandrake 10.1' distro...

Thanks in advance for any help! :)

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elyk1212 01-13-2005 04:32 PM

No one has had this issue in Mandrake 10.1, or KDE 3.2.3? Maybe I should have posted in the 'Mandrake' section, but I do not know the cause so it is hard to categorize.

elyk1212 03-11-2005 07:44 PM


I just wanted to let everyone know this has been solved in my distro: Mandrake 10.1. By doing a


  urpmi --auto-select
I have an old version of wine installed for use with DVDshrink so I had to do:

rpm -e wine
before doing the urpmi, then in installed the old version manually. This is most likely the case for other people who chose to use older packages.

For convenience:
I made a symlink from my desktop to /mnt/camera


ln -s /mnt/camera $HOME/Desktop/camera

Obvious to some but.....
Please note: all commands, except the link, will need to be done as root.

Terseness spreads confusion, let that be a lesson to all oldscool C programmers. (new C programmers use descriptive identifiers :D ). And what is up with MFC commercial programmers anyhow? Why do they think everyone and their MOM wants their app to load on boot? Dang marketing loggers... That is why I moved to Linux!

elyk1212 03-11-2005 07:47 PM

For further clarity:

The symlink will only work when your camera is mounted. It is automounted by default in the Mandrake 10.1 distrobution (default package selections).

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