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jykgu 03-11-2009 03:27 PM

Calling Matlab from wine cmd.exe
I need to call Matlab (native unix version) from a Windows application using wine.

In order to do so the Windows app calls the command "matlab" at the wine cmd.

Using this example I was able to create a simple script (matlab.bat) to launch glxgears. After adding the directory of the script to the windows search path, inputting 'matlab' at the cmd would start glxgears just fine. All very easy so far...

Now I just change the script from:


/bin/sh -c glxgears


/bin/sh -c matlab2006
and I get the following error:


CMD Versie 1.0.1

Z:\home\john>/bin/sh -c matlab2006
Z:\home\john>exec: 1: /usr/local/bin/matlab2006.bat: not found

However when running the script in a linux terminal, Matlab starts just fine.

I've already tried some variations like calling Matlab directly from it's installation directory, but I get the same error.

It really puzzles me, because other apps like gedit work perfectly using this method.

Can anyone shed some knowlegde on this issue?


jykgu 03-12-2009 09:39 AM

OK, I have made some progress.

I've changed the script to:


/bin/sh -c /usr/local/matlab/bin/glnx86/MATLAB
and Matlab finally 'starts'.

Unfortunately the program lags horribly and I can't seem to pass startup options (-nosplash -nojvm) :confused:

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