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shumi 10-02-2012 04:48 PM

Burning video DVD with k3b
Hi all,
I'm not sure if this is related to k3b or it's an general issuer with burning video DVDs.

So I have a folder with VIDEO_TS subfolder with video DVD content. It works good when played from VLC.

But when I make an ISO with k3b and burn it to DVD, menus don't work when using VLC. Regardless which folder I choose, it starts playing DVD from the beginning.

I'd be very grateful if someone could explain me what's wrong.


casualfred 10-02-2012 06:32 PM

Hmm, if you are burning the disk/making the ISO in K3b as a Video DVD Project, then I would be interested to see if the resulting ISO itself will play properly before burning it to a disk. Usually you can use (if you have xine or kaffeine installed):

xine "dvd://path/to/your/dvd.iso"

kaffeine "dvd://path/to/your/dvd.iso"
and see if it plays correctly...
Then you would know that it's not a problem with the ISO image.

shumi 10-03-2012 02:58 PM

hmmm... with kaffeine it doesn't work at all but with xine it skips menus and starts playing entire video at once...

casualfred 10-12-2012 11:45 AM

So, maybe this means that there's a problem with the way K3b goes about making the iso? Especially if it plays correctly from the folder before making it an iso... Maybe could try a different program? I've used DVDStyler in the past to successfully make DVDs with my own menus (but not for encoding the video), but I'm not sure if it will just make an iso for you from a menu you or someone else already made. I suppose I'm not being very helpful...

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