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zWaR 08-28-2006 01:01 PM

bugzilla user administration
I'm a bugzilla newbie and i'm spending now some time on this problem:
i've added one product to bugzilla (e.g. zwarware). Now i'd like to have one user (e.g. zwar), who will be able to add new bug entries and edit the old ones and so on and one user (e.g. guest), who will be able only to read the entries and won't have the permissions to add or edit any bug entries.

I'm studying the problem for quite some time now and i can't figure it out how to do this. I've created two groups and added them to my product. I've set the MemberControl and OtherControl permissions to both of them to mandatory and only group named first has entry and canedit checked. Group named second doesn't have entry and canedit checked. User zwar is admin and for him, there's no problem, he can add and edit bugs. But user guest, who is only member of group second can't do nothing now, he can't add nor edit any bug entries, which is not what i want! I've been playing with the settings, but i didn't achieve anything.

Is the problem i'm trying to solve soluble at all or am i just missing something?

I'd be very grateful for your help!

zWaR 08-28-2006 02:03 PM

After some digging and searching i found out, that the feature i'm looking for does not exist in bugzilla yet and is also not on anyone's todo list, since this is not one of the features for version 3.... (but anyone is free to write a patch :) )

The issue is known as bug 90619:

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