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hari77gct 10-25-2005 03:37 AM

BSNL Broadband MT882 USB configuration
Hi linux techies,

I am trying to configure ASDL router+modem in linux, but it vain.

I am using NLD (version of Suse) kernel 2.6.x
It has the driver to the router+modem and it detects as eth0 device once I plugs in the USB. (I dont have a lan card)

I configured the eth0 with ip and, I also setted the nameserver & added a new gateway using
route add default gw dev eth0.
But still I could not able to ping to the gateway & as well no internet.

I tried arp -nVD, it says the HW addr for is unknown.
I did a dmesg and got the HW and setted up using arp, even then after that I could not ping the gateway.

The US router+modem is working fine in windows

Please let me know your views/suggestions,


anilbh 10-25-2005 04:04 AM

Hi ,
I also tried installing the MT882 in Linux FC3 with kernel 2.6.... it is recognised but I could not get it to function.
the Gateway address never changes from an I think.
This did work on Fc1 with a kernel 2.4.19...nptl .
You have to compile the CDCEther module according to instructions.
But this kernel gave problems with my HP PSC1315 Multi function printer.

hari77gct 10-25-2005 04:11 AM

I guess the driver is for 2.4.x kernels,
in 2.6 it automatically detects, should i need to conpile the driver again?

dmesg says:
eth0 registered........CD Ether..

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