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paulcsf 02-13-2010 06:11 AM

bridging wired and wireless Ethernet - wireless fails to arp, ping, but creates loop
I am bridging the wired and wireless Ethernet together, my intent is that it's connectivity is seamless with either connection.

The system boots, starts the wireless, and builds the bridge with both. DHCP assigns an IP address and the wired connection is fine. When I change the security settings on the wireless connection, from 128bit WEP to open, it associates with the access point, and I get errors "received packet with own address as source address". So I remove the wired connection.

Now I cannot ping anything, arp shows the entry as incomplete. The bridge keeps the DHCP assigned IP address. If I reattach the wired Ethernet, I have connectivity but I also get a loop and associated errors.

I can ifconfig the bridge down, the wireless connection up individually, assign a static IP address, nothing gets it working.

Iwconfig shows that the wireless is associated with the access point, ifconfig shows the static IP address, everything looks like it should work.

If I remove the wireless connection from the bridge, separately bring it up and assign it an IP address, then the connection works, ping, arp, all work.

The wired ports are Realtek 8139 chipsets, the wireless is IPW2100, or Intel Pro Wireless 2100. Kernel is, and the bridge is busybox-1.13.2.

Thank you for any input.

paulcsf 02-18-2010 04:18 AM

I have updated to busybox-1.15.3 with no change in behavior.

I have also disabled busybox's brctl, and added bridge-utils-1.4, again with no change in behavior.

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