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marsques 05-17-2004 07:20 PM

breaking waves...
is there a program which would break a big audio (60 mins wav) file in to say 5 to 10 mins wav files...

thanks in advance...

J.W. 05-17-2004 07:30 PM

Audacity. You can get it from -- J.W.

marsques 05-17-2004 08:16 PM

wow... man thats a super duper website...

J.W. 05-17-2004 10:15 PM

Heck yeah, linuxpackages rocks. It's one of the reasons why Slack is my distro of choice -- pretty much if there's any package I need, I can get it from there.

One comment about Audacity - you will need to also install wtGtk-2.4.2 (first) before you install Audacity (second). Once it's up and running though, it's very easy to use. I'd *strongly* suggest spending the 20 minutes or so doing the tutorial, as it will address many of the most common questions/tasks. As for breaking your large wav file into pieces, you basically will just want to click on Project then Import Audio then select your file. You can cut/paste/save the individual pieces as separate files. Good luck with it -- J.W.

chalewa4bambu 05-18-2004 02:25 AM

i will second the super duperness of that website.....i am definitely going to install that on my 'trial machine'

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