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1337 04-17-2009 01:05 PM

Bootsplash Not Working
Hello all. I just compiled a bootsplash-patched kernel 2.6.21. Everything seems to be working fine, except the bootsplash! I followed this guide... When I boot up, nothing special happens. The console font is unusually large, but I boot into KDE with no problems, and no bootsplash. What could I have done wrong?

xtothat 10-07-2009 03:58 AM

Hi 1337!

I've just spotted that it's my guide you followed. Good to know people are using it ;-) Many apologies for not noticing earlier, as I just noticed the linkback sat on my WP dashboard.

In case you haven't sorted it already, here's some tips...

What it sounds like is you've got a problem with the display resolution configured in LILO.

What does your vga=0x??? line in your lilo.conf read?

There's a table here. All you need to do is change the vga= line to read vga=0x(VBE mode+200).
e.g. If you were going to use 32 bit colour depth and 1024x768 resolution, then it should read vga=0x318.

If the resolution or bit depth which you are trying to use either isn't in this table or isn't the same as the image you are trying to use, this will cause bootsplash to silently fail.

Annoyingly, in my experience, troubleshooting bootsplash is an absolute nightmare, as it pretty much logs nothing whatsoever, but persevere, as it's well worth it to have a pretty bootup :-)

Anyway, hope I've helped somewhat, much belated as it is!

X-T (aka n00bsys0p)

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