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dubrick_vit 01-27-2006 12:03 PM

BlueTooth Bluez-utils porting
I'm trying to port bluez-utils (utilities for BlueTooth Linux), version 2.24, to the MIPS processor.
I configure the template makefile using mipsel-uClibc. The configured makefile seems ok (e.g. it includes CC = mipsel-linux-gcc)
When cross-compiling on a PC platform, although mipsel-linux-gcc is being used, a default library loader of PC ( is used instead of
How can I force the loader to use

Oliv' 01-28-2006 11:25 AM


from my point of view, the simpler is to work in a chrooted environnement which contains mips compiled librairies.
you may also try to use -rpath-link option


dubrick_vit 01-29-2006 04:08 AM

another problem with Bluez-utils-2.24
I found solution for loader's problem (flags -Wl,-dynamic-linker,--path to uClibc---).
But now I have a problem with library itself.
I'm trying to compile bluez-utils-2.24 project for Linux 2.4.20 that
runs on MIPS. This cross-compilation was done on my desktop Linux
2.6.12. All needed drivers (HCI, RFCOMM, L2CAP) were uploaded to the
MIPS-board early (after some patches for kernel 2.4.20 that I found in

I configured the environment with the following variables:
export PLATFORM=mipsel-uclibc
export BUILD=i386-pc-linux-gnu
export HOSTCC=gcc
export CROSS_COMPILE=mipsel-uclibc-
export LDFLAGS=-Wl,-dynamic-linker,/lib/,
and runned
./configure mipsel-linux --build=$BUILD.
Making the project was OK, it used "mipsel-linux-gcc", etc., so it
seemed OK.

After uploading all the bluez utilities on the MIPS-board, each call for
these utilities (i.e. "hciconfig") failed with such a prompt: aborted attempt to load hciconfig!

As I understood, it still used my desktop standard library (cause
"" is a symbolic link in /usr/local/lib on my PC) instead the on the MIPS-board.
Even LDFLAG "", which I added (see above) did not force
it to define right library in building executables.

Could someone help me in configuring this project?
What did I miss?

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