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bootsy 11-02-2004 04:12 AM

Blank /etc/modules.conf - trying to remove OSS
Have followed a number of threads around here trying to get my sound working for my cd player - have sort of got alsa and jack going, with some problems see

this thread.

I can't get sound out of the cd player and was thinking it may be an OSS v ALSA conflict issue. So I went to see what was in /etc/modules.conf and it is blank.

Is this usual?

Thanks in advance

Hcman 11-02-2004 04:25 AM

What kernel version do you use <uname -r>?
If you use 2.6.* your modules options will be in /etc/modprobe.conf.

bootsy 11-02-2004 05:41 AM

yup I'm on a 2.6 kernel - thanks for that Hcman

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