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BashTin 09-04-2005 12:12 AM

Bittorrent. "ImportError: No module named __future__"
Please help. I am trying to get Bittorrent working.

I have installed Bittorrent 4.0.3 and in Opera, done the file association application/x-bittorrent, /usr/bin/ and extension torrent. When I click on a torrent file in my browser the save as dialouge comes up and shows as the app to use but when I click open the dialouge disappears and nothing seems to happen.

I have never used BT before so I assume after the above action I am meant to get some sort of gui. When I try and run from the command line I get "ImportError: No module named __future__"

I am using Mandrake 10.1
python v2.3.4
gtk v2.4.9 (gtk+2.0-2.4.9-9mdk, installed to /usr/lib/gtk-2.0/gtk-2.4.9)
pygtk v2.7.0

Any suggestions much appreciated, BashTin.

PenguinPwrdBox 09-04-2005 01:31 AM

Just for fun - crack open that .py file, and comment out the line importing that module - and then try...

BashTin 09-04-2005 01:50 AM

Hi PenguinPwrdBox here are the first few lines of

#from __future__ import division

import os
import sys

assert sys.version_info >= (2, 3), "Install Python 2.3 or greater"

#from threading import Event

import gtk
import gobject

from BitTorrent.GUI import *
from BitTorrent import Desktop
from BitTorrent import version
from BitTorrent import configfile
from BitTorrent.defaultargs import get_defaults
from BitTorrent.makemetafile import make_meta_files
from BitTorrent.parseargs import makeHelp

When I comment out the 'futures' line I get similar errors about 'import os', 'import sys', 'import gtk', etc.

Obviously looking for something and not finding it.

Cheers, BashTin.

basileus 09-12-2005 02:52 AM

Have you tried your script without Opera, downloading the .torrent and running the script on it? I always start from the bottom and then go up as thing work :)

BashTin 09-12-2005 03:07 AM

Hi baslleus,

Yes it all works fine from the command line. I just want to get the Pyhton GUI working.


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