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ideasman 07-25-2009 03:45 PM

best text editor for commit logs,
Hi, I have a problem, that is...

* I have fairly poor spelling
* I contribute to opensource software to the point where I write 1-5 commit logs a day, others in the project have complained of my spelling before so I try now to spell check all my commit logs :|

for this Id like a text editor with a good spell checker.
so far I tried gedit but it has these problems...
- its session management means the command to start the editor finishes without waiting until saving. if no other gedit's are open and it works.
- spell checking is off by default.
- it fails spell checking "wasnt" -> "wasn't", wasn't is seen as 2 words.

I also tried abiword which was better, but still had problems with this.
- Non ASCII characters are saved int a commit log giving weird garble when read in a web browser, for example a "-" char is saved as some less common character that renders with garbage in the log.
- Non fixed width font default (maybe can change)
- some word processor features get in the way a bit, though its not so bad.

Does anyone know of a text editor thats not too slow to load, has good spell checking (as good as firefox/abiword or openoffice) ?

foodown 08-25-2009 01:57 AM

Why not just use your choice of vi or emacs and then run aspell against your files?

I like kwrite, also. It has a nice spellchecker. (My spelling also sucks.)

chrism01 08-25-2009 07:46 PM

If you've usually got Firefox open (I would think that's likely), why not do all comments there, then copy 'n paste.
FF does auto-spell check as you type.

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