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ldaled 09-26-2003 06:24 PM

Best backup recovery suite
I am migrating a clients database and application servers from Sun Solaris to RH 9. I would actually like some feedback on that issue also since i have never undertaken this type of task before. I would also like recommendations as to the best Backup recovery software suite to use, client is asking me to recommend something. Please state why you think your recommendation is the most viable. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated as I am a Linux NEWB. Thanks you in advance.

pablob 09-26-2003 09:06 PM

Linux thread model is the only difference you could find on the migration.

My production platform is Solaris+Weblogic6/8+Oracle9 and my development is on RedHat7.3/RedHat AS2.1Linux+Weblogic6/8+Oracle9, and the only difference is as I told , with the threading model:

Java processes show as one on Solaris, but with linux you see LOTS of processes for only one instance of Weblogic. BUT you should not fear: they only behave as threads of the same process, and do not exhaust the resources.
Also, I've read that with the new threading model used since RedHat 9 (yours), everything has improved.

You can however find binary incompatibility between your software and RH9 thread library, so I'd recommend having a small early test before, and if your software doesn't work on RH9, downgrade to RH8 or RH7.3 (or SuSE ) without fear: Just apply all the upgrades to the date and you'll be done.

moosport 09-26-2003 11:03 PM

backup recommedation
Veritas NetBackup if you tons of data to back. Also lots for money for h/w. The drives are not cheap about $40k a piece. It is also superfast with Gig-E

Try to stay away from Legato Networker..

mreza 09-27-2003 12:02 AM

moosport can you help please:

I am still trying to get my SMC2635 card get to work. I have a few posting
since your last one yesterday. The output of "cardctl config" on my machine is

Socket 0:
Vcc 3.3V Vpp1 3.3V Vpp2 3.3V
interface type is "cardbus"
irq 11 [exclusive] [level]
function 0:
Socket 1:
not configured

However, still I cannot load 2635.o module. Insmod -f 2635 does not do it and during boot it says "....device 2635.o does not seem to be present...".

Any comments?

ldaled 09-27-2003 12:25 AM

What do you guys think of the Back up software by NovaStor called NovaNet i think?

ldaled 09-27-2003 12:28 AM

The setup of the migration is like this. Orion App servers(2) and PostGreSQL database servers(2). They want to upgrade the HW, new computers most likely dells. One additional server will be added to run the backup suite. Any pitfalls or concerns would be appreciated?
thanks again.

pablob 09-27-2003 06:51 AM

Well, I've used Dell 2400, 4600 and 2650 Poweredge.

2400 & 4600 were smooth with RedHat.

With 2650, the newest model, there are problems with network driver, RAID controller and SCSI controller, but it was because of being very new hardware. By now, they should be pretty stable.
(My development iron is running RH7.3+new network driver and is up for 130 days. Other users in Dell mailing list are not so happy with them.)

There were also problem with RHAS2.1 kernel 2.4.9-e3, the original one, which was years old. Now I use 2.4.9-e27 and everything is running fine.

I'm a Dell fan, but consider IBM irons. At least read some specs and pricing.

And yes, Veritas is expensive but works fine, although I'd not buy more than a simple DAT tape if your databases are smaller than 20 Gb, i.e.

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