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Espique 05-12-2004 05:35 AM

best antispam for linux?
Hi there,

coming from the windows world, I am now looking for a good antispam software that will filter my email. preferably something that looks up a public database in which spam is reported by others (like I've read about SpamAssasin but I was wondering if there is more _good_ stuff.


Gnuru 05-12-2004 06:03 AM

i don't think you need to look further than spamassassin with Bayesian filtering.

vectordrake 05-12-2004 08:05 AM

Those services that use white/blacklisting are harmful to your recieving real emails. For example, AOL will put a URL or email address on its "bad" list if as few as 10 people just "block" an email instead of unsubscribe from what they signed up for int he first place. They now have the policy (although they won't publically admit it) to parse the contents of emails on their servers and delete those with "offending" URLs in them. That's not good, as a lot of good can be slipped on that list too easily.

The suggestion of a Baynesian filter is the best. You train it to learn what's spam and what's not. It takes about a week, or maybe two, of training and it'll divert all of your spam and it'll be right every time. Mozilla Mail and Thunderbird include this feature as part of the deal. Its turned off by default. Works incredibly well.

Retrox 05-16-2004 06:43 AM

how about mutt, does it work with this?

vectordrake 05-16-2004 01:27 PM

Yes. I hope that I never get so much spam that I require this Spam-hammer! If the stuff gets through after you put this software on your computer, you've got problems! Wow. Spamassassin to the spam I get would be like using a 10-lb maul to bang in a finish nail.

crashmeister 05-16-2004 03:12 PM

I get about 100 spams a day and 10 legit mails.Spamassassin works just fine for that.If you don't like the setup you can also use the mozilla client - comes with a filter enabled by default.

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