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Photon Blizzard 10-12-2009 09:35 PM

Bad attempt at 'setting up' a dual boot Slackware+FreeBSD box.
I saw another post that I "did not" read before doing this but wanted to know if I can take it all back.

I have slackware 13.0 on the drive first, FreeBSD 7.2 second. I Ass-Um-Me'd that I would just install BSD, install the bootloader and there I'd be. (It worked in the early 90's!) When I re-booted it asked for [F1] to boot linux [F3] to boot BSD. [F3] works [F1] spits out # signs. #####

So... I fired up the linux CD used fdisk and deleted the BSD partition, set the Linux as bootable and of course now I'm screwed. ;-)

The bootloader is there and spitting out ##### signs. Sigh....

I'm in no danger of losing anything other than time on this machine but wondered if anyone knows of a quick fix to my dilemma.

Thanks for any help.

(ask first, delete later, ask first, delete later, ask first, delete later.......)

htnakirs 10-13-2009 01:15 AM

You can try installing another bootloader, like grub.
You can do this from the linux CD.
Not sure if slackware allows you to do a boot config, but more liberal distros like PCLinux allows you to use the gui to install the boot loader.

You can also install it manually from the command line. But, you will need to check online for a manual, since I do not readily recally the sequence of commands needed.

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