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Paxmaster 11-18-2005 03:04 PM

backup: tar with the -L option help
well I got my tape working I using this command to do my backup tar cvf /dev/st0 -L51539607552 2005Nov09Data.tar.bz2 so after couple of hours it finish it ask me to replace the tape so I did but when I hit the eject buttom on my command line it said input and output error but anyhow i replace the drive it works, I want to know it is safe to go on even the message display. How I could prevent the error

So now I have two tape contain of 2005Nov09Data.tar.bz2 How could I test the backup if I did the backup right and I didn't mis a thing

well I was thinking I should extract the sources and do md5sum but how would I do md5sum if I have two type contain single backup interesting ah :)

so any help would be helpfull Thx

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bigrigdriver 11-18-2005 07:06 PM

I suspect the archive is not complete.

Your command should have included the -M (multi-volume) command (to spread the backup over more than one tape). Just ejecting the tape may leave data in the buffer and not written to tape. You should first suspend tar with a <ctrl>Z, then unmount the tape device to flush the contents of the buffer to tape, then eject and insert a new tape.

Along with the -M option, you should also include the --new-volume-script=<script name> option, where <script name> is the name of a script to run at the end of a tape.

An executable script something like:
<ctrl>Z # to suspend the tar operation.
umount /dev/st0 # to unmount the device and flush the buffer to tape.
eject /dev/st0 # to eject the tape.

Note: if these commands execute too quickly for the system to respond, insert a wait 5 command between the commands in the script. That will cause the script to wait 5 seconds before executing the next command.

wait 5
umount /dev/st0
wait 5
eject /dev/st0

That might work to unmount the device and eject the tape. After inserting the new tape, mount /dev/st0 to remount the device, then fg to resume tar operation.

To test the archive to see if you missed anything, tar --compare <archive name> to find differences between the archive and the file system.

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