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mortalic 08-03-2010 10:13 AM

Backup software that can backup an ftp site
I'm trying to backup a NAS from remote. The only options it has are FTP, NFS and CIFS. The only encryption method it has is explicit ftp encryption (old school). I know lot's of ways to backup if I open the firewall to allow SMB access, but I know that you can't encrypt in transit with it. I don't know much about NFS and the NAS has virtually no options for it, so I'm guessing encryption isn't supported on it. This leads me to FTP with explicit encryption. I've done a bit of research on software that can backup over ftp and have not found many. Furthermore, I haven't found any that will work with explicit encryption.

I had a bit of success using lftp but then realized it's an all or nothing sort of thing (I don't want to backup 1tb+ of movies that I can just rip again if I lose them due to space constraints).
I'm not an expert scripter so I'm hoping for something with a gui frontend but if it doesn't exist I'll deal. I've spent two days searching at this point and am frustrated!

jefro 08-04-2010 03:25 PM

I use filezilla. It asks what to do such as keep old files or copy or what. I take everything (drag and drop) and copy it to local. I may have your question wrong too?

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