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Rescuetheperishing 03-02-2010 01:42 PM

Backup of data to both networked desktop and USB Hard Drive
I am under orders from She who must be obeyed that I must fully backup her data as she had a loss of information due to a hard drive failure.

Presently I am having her make available her info as shared documents on her XP system and I am copying this data over to my Ubuntu (Karmic) desktop. I would also like to have a USB Hard Drive save the information in order that I can safely store this away from a live system.

So far things are working not too bad but She wishes to have all her backup that was available on DVDs and salvaged from posted material assembled as one complete resource. I can with some effort put this into some semblance of order but do not feel like doing the work twice.

Ideally I would like some method of easily copying / transferring data to the external HD. Additionally I would like to be able to update data daily and be able to with minimal effort have this synced onto the external HD.

Could you please offer guidance in this matter.

evo2 03-03-2010 03:37 AM

Appart from the references to DVDs (which I didn't quite follow), I'm pretty sure backuppc could be configured to do all that. It's just a "sudo apt-get install backuppc" away. ;-)



Rescuetheperishing 03-03-2010 09:16 AM

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Thanks for your reply.

I will look further into this and see how things go

Rescuetheperishing 03-04-2010 02:04 AM

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I cane across an article in Linux Format LXF130 on rsync and following up on that found that it worked very well.

evo2 03-04-2010 02:27 AM

Using rsync as the backend is a pretty standard (perhaps even default) way of running BackupPC.


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