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rbergen 01-01-2010 12:27 PM

automount 5.0.3 with auto.smb script yields "key "<name>" not found in map"
A few days ago, I've installed (emerged) autofs 5.0.3 on my Gentoo amd64 box, and tried to set it up to mount shares on a Windows XP box. I've used a modified auto.smb script that I found somewhere on the web, that does seem to output a valid map file. However, when I try to ls the /smb/topton directory (/smb being the autofs mount point, and topton the name of the XP box that I added to /etc/hosts), it yields the following message: ls: cannot access /smb/topton: No such file or directory.
At the same time, in /var/log/messages, the following message is entered: automount[10145]: lookup_nss_mount: key "topton" not found in map.

As far as I can tell, the auto.master file is correct and the auto.smb script yields the right output.

For your reference, the auto.master file looks like this:

/misc  /etc/auto.misc
/smb    /etc/auto.smb

The auto.smb script outputs the following when invoked like '/etc/auto.smb topton':

-fstype=cifs,credentials=/etc/auto.smb.credentials/topton \
        /E$ ://topton/E$ \
        /K ://topton/K \
        /D$ ://topton/D$ \
        /print$ ://topton/print$ \
        /C ://topton/C \
        /D ://topton/D \
        /L ://topton/L \
        /E ://topton/E \
        /ADMIN$ ://topton/ADMIN$ \
        /C$ ://topton/C$ \
        /I ://topton/I \
        /J ://topton/J

(Note: the /etc/auto.smb.credentials/topton file does exist, and contains valid credentials for the XP box.)

I've been kicking this problem in different ways for a few days now, and I can't seem to find what I am doing wrong.
Any pointers in the right direction are greatly appreciated!

Oh, a very happy 2010 to everyone! :)


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