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klausB 05-20-2001 06:35 PM

My Aureal Soundcard worked with au8820 in Mandrake 7.2
My new kernel 2.4 in Man8.0 doesn`t like to sound with it
In Suse it is recommended to
cp /boot/vmlinuz_24.autoconf.h /usr/include/linux/autoconf.h and
cp /boot/vmlinuz_24.version.h /usr/include/linux/version.h
but I am not as good as I could transfer this to Mandrakes
Is there someone who likes to help me?
Thanks a lot

unSpawn 05-24-2001 11:45 AM

Uve got two chances: and/or
since Aureal is defunkt, no other direvers exist in this universe for 'em...

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