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elsrkite 06-01-2011 11:07 PM

Audio voodoo in Rosegarden
I'd appreciate any ideas on this... It's pretty easy to work around, but I'm just so baffled that I can't let it rest.

I'm using Rosegarden for sequencing and ZynAddSubFX for my sounds, running through JACK of course. I also have Hydrogen going for drums, but I don't think that plays into this problem. Ubuntu Studio 10.4

So, I'm bouncing a couple MIDI tracks to audio to keep everything running smoothly. I connect Zyn's output to Rosegarden's inputs in JACK, arm an audio track, and voila. It works perfectly the *first* time. After that, Rosegarden refuses to record the output of Zyn -- instead it just duplicates the first audio track (which is muted and unarmed...)

So basically, after that first one, I can successfully record only by moving the first audio recording to a different track.


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