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rpter 06-27-2003 07:57 AM

Audio track names

I'm new to linux, and am trying to rip audio tracks off a cd, but use the track name (from cddb) as the file name.

I've tried it with cdda2wav, and can successfully get the details from cdda2wav, and save the file. But i cant get it to save the file with the track name...

I've read the man pages for it, and had a search round the net, but cant seem to find anything... i cant beleive this isnt poss.

I know i can use grip etc... but i want to do this from the linux terminal.

Can anyone help?



cropcircle 06-28-2003 04:00 PM

It seems there are no command line tools (only graphical ones) at the moment which can rip audio tracks _and_ use a cddb databse for naming the ripped files ("").

However, I did find a shell script which can do that : ""

If you've got some time to spare you may study how this shell script does the ripping and cddb process.

rpter 06-28-2003 06:09 PM

thx, i'll have a look at that.

Electro 06-28-2003 06:46 PM

Its in cdda2wav. You need look for CDDB_SERVER and CDDB_PORT in the man pages.

cropcircle 06-29-2003 03:26 AM

Hmm, I did not manage to do this with cdda2wav.

However, after some more Google, I did find a tool which does work very very well :

If you compile and install this program, you can rip a track (or the whole CD) from an audioCD as follows :

"dagrab -C -N 2"

(-C means do CDDB lookups)
(-N2 means rip only track 2)

MasterC 06-29-2003 03:39 AM

Apparently (I've never done it) grip can be used from the command line. That too may be something worth looking at (if it's even truly possible).


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