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Michael_aust 08-08-2006 02:31 PM

Audio cd playing/ripping problem with amaroK 1.4 on Debian Etch
I am having problems with playing audio cd's with amaroK 1.4. When I put an audio cd in the drive and play it in amaroK via Actions>Play audio cd it takes more then three minuties for it to read the disc. In this time the status bar just constantly says populating playlist.

When the disc does eventually load up and play the feature to rip/encode the contents of the cd to the hard drive is missing. I cannot rip the audio cd via amaroK.

Now I thought amaroK was supposed to have this functionality, well thats what it says on the site. I has all the parts in the FAQ for playing and ripping audio cd's.

My cd drive is found by the system as hdc. Incidentally my other media applications find the cd with nor troible at all, unlike amarok. Kaffeign can find the cd and offeres to rip the contents to an OGG file. Kcdcreator will rip the cd into the formats I choose and KSCD will play the audio cd. However I would like to do this from within amaroK as it says that it has this functionality.

Is this a problem with my set up, or do other people experiance the same problems? I asked in the #amarok irc room and they offered no help.

So does anyone have any suggetions as to hpw to fix the problem? I am running Debian Testing, Kde 3.5.3 with amaroK 1.4.0

Thanks in advance


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