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mmccue 07-25-2001 10:25 AM

ati rage fury pro video in ?

I have rh7.1 up and running with X and gnome. I would like to know if anyone has setup their system with the rage fury pro and the video-in working.. What software and/or drivers are you using to capture video-in, etc... (I already have the video working, just trying to get the video in up and running)


SSRat33920 12-03-2001 01:24 AM

ATI Rage Fury Pro
I have a voodoo3 and an ati graphic heads. Only the voodoo3 configures correctly. I'm running SUSE 7.3 using sax2. Ati is autoconfiguring to a Rage 128 PF. I don't know if it is configuring it correctly and I'm messed up or it is. Any help would be appreciated.


mcleodnine 12-03-2001 11:45 AM

Try - they have lots of modules for ATI cards for X.

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