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Paul 03-12-2001 09:58 PM

First of all i have a 800Mhzz AMD Athalon (T-bird), 128 SDram with and ASUS A7V Motherboard and and ATI Rage Fury Maxx.
My problem is this: i can't get any GUI working. i can boot it up just fine in the screen with the big penguine with his arms up then it goes into the console but when i type "startx" it says that: "server cuaght signal 11"
and that it was dumping Cache or somthing. for those who arn't familiar with the Rage Fury MAxx card, it is two 128 Pro chips on 1 card. Mandrake has drivers for the rage 128 Pro cards but not not the 2 on one card!. my card doesn't seem to work. i even disabled the second chip through windows and it still didn't work. i ran xf86config and went through that and set it up and it STILL didn't work. i am really stuck becasue all i can do is browse around in the console after i log in as root.
PLEASE Help!!!

(BTW it also always says switching to runlevel 3 every time i boot up into console and i have the latest XFree86)

Joe12345 10-27-2003 08:28 PM

Trun off dri

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