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lukebeales 05-17-2004 08:54 PM

ati, directfb, and tv-out problem
Howdy all,
I'm trying to make a tv box, with the interface being a webpage hosted on the box itself. I have taken the path of using Links in graphics mode, using DirectFB as the driver (after many painful attempts with the standard framebuffer).

I can verify that graphics mode is working on a proper monitor, even though 2 ATI cards I have tried have either a slight or a major problem but I am well aware of the ATI framebuffer issues. On a geforce it works fine.

When I plug the geforce in to the tv though, the refresh rate is wrong so all I get is the usual diagonal lines and such. It happened in all resolutions/colour modes except 1024x768 - which just didn't show anything at all. So I'm really looking for 2 solutions....

Is there an easy way to get proper framebuffer support for ATI cards (or is it just a waiting game)?

Is it possible to change the refresh rate of directfb in certain video modes, or can it be specified using the "-mode" tag in Links?

Thanks for any help in advance!

lukebeales 05-18-2004 11:32 AM

slight update. I have now tried fbset with every video mode listed on the planet and arrived at no solution. It works perfectly on a monitor, but the tv refuses to show it even though the tv supports both ntsc and pal. So i now believe it may be something to do with the videocard itself (geforce) and the way it handles tv-out.

Just as a guess, but does the tv-out component of the card just deliver a constant resolution / hz to the tv, so no matter what video mode you are displaying on a monitor at whatever frequency, it will always end up the same resolution / hz when it gets sent off to the tv anyway? If so then my problem lies before the tv itself. Any ideas?

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