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hallamigo 05-01-2004 06:53 PM

aterm: display bell and audio bell
I've found that with aterm you can either have the audio bell turned off or the visual bell turned off - but you can't turn them both off. There has to be some way around this - anyone?

ToniT 05-01-2004 06:57 PM

xset b off

hallamigo 05-01-2004 07:06 PM

Can I put that in my ~/.Xdefaults?

ToniT 05-01-2004 08:59 PM

Yes, or what ever is the name of the script that is run at the start of your X session (~/.xinitrc or ~/.xsession in some distributions. Maybe ~/.Xdefaults in slackware)..

hallamigo 05-02-2004 12:00 AM

It doesn't work in the ~/.Xdefaults so I just put it in my ~/.xinitrc file - worked great. Thanks.

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