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remisandotbe 12-02-2007 10:08 AM

ASUS laptop graphics broken?

Laptop: ASUS F3SC-AP206C - T7250 SR
OS: Linux Mandriva 2008 Powerpack+
After an update the screen went from wide screen to a rectangular screen. The whole graphical environment is slow. When opening a window, it takes the laptop 2 - 3 times before it is drawn on the screen. (literally the window opens in slices, diagonally)
When I try to type something, it tends to put it double.
(e.g. when I press the h, it will give me hh.)

I think there's a driver issue here, so I tried to reinstall the nvidia driver. However, it doesn't wanna. (keeps asking to install the rpm of the kernel-devel. didn't say which one ...)

Does anybody has a similar problem? does anybody know a sensible solution?
I hope it isn't a hardware failure ...

Thanks in advance

hellork 12-03-2007 06:07 PM

You probably updated your kernel and are still trying to use
the old driver built for the earlier kernel. Either go back
to the old kernel or,.

Get the kernel-devel that matches your running kernel, uname -r
Build the nvidia driver from the website, ./NV* -a
Use the graphical nvidia config tool from the Application menu
to set up your screen again.

MyHeartPumpsFreon 12-03-2007 08:20 PM

Just reiterating what the first poster said... uninstall your current driver and revert back to the vesa driver. Make sure you're up to date on your kernel and THEN install the nvidia driver. I can't help you out with the commands as I don't use Mandriva. Let us know if you need anymore help.



remisandotbe 12-05-2007 09:37 AM


Thanks for the answers. I'll try to uninstall the nvidia drivers asap, and reinstall them.
Thanks again for the info.

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