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paul62 08-21-2004 08:30 AM

WhenI am using the ark archiving toold in slackware 9.1 WhenI am tryignto copy the files to the desktiop I get the message "The application ark crashed and caused the signal 6 (SIGBART0 }Thsi happens when I am trying to cooy the file that has been extracted to the desktop. Thean it reccomends to send a bug report how do I correct this problem?

masand 08-21-2004 09:22 AM

are u sure
when u were trying to copy the xtracted matter ,ark had finished working??
if it was extracted correctly ,then ark should not be running..

paul62 08-21-2004 08:03 PM

It seems like it is finished runnig, wehen this happens the kde crash handler comes up and that is when I get the error message , it happens only hen I hit action >extract , I than fill in w hat file I would like to extract it to>

masand 08-21-2004 11:39 PM

hi there
giu modes is more or not a headache

use command line option to extract ur archives

#tar xvjf abc.tar.bz2
#tar xvzf abc.tar.gz

#tar --help
for more archives


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