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irfanasim 11-15-2012 06:49 PM

apt-mirror created another folder
Hi all,

I have a local Ubuntu mirror running in my office which uses to download updates and new releases. It downloads everything under /export/ubuntu-repo1/apt-mirror/mirror/ folder.

Recently I discovered that the Ubuntu mirror in India i.e. is a lot faster for me than which is based in UK. Therefore to download latest release QUANTAL QUETZAL I configured Indian mirror in /etc/apt/mirror.list

deb-amd64 quantal main restricted universe multiverse
deb-amd64 quantal-updates main restricted universe multiverse
deb-amd64 quantal-backports main restricted universe multiverse
deb-amd64 quantal-security main restricted universe multiverse
deb-amd64 quantal-proposed main restricted universe multiverse

After making this change and leaving apt-mirror to run overnight I found that it downloaded everything to a new folder called "" so now I have two folders where apt-mirror downloads updates.


Now, since apache does not have "" configured, client computers are unable to access QUANTAL QUETZAL release and its updates.

Now my question is:
Is there any way I could copy everything downloaded under "" to "" so all new updates of the latest release become accessible to Ubuntu clients? Also, how can I configure apt-mirror not to create a new folder and instead download everything to

Thanks a lot for your help in advance.

I Kazi

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