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bkeating 10-28-2003 04:58 PM

apache2 mod_proxy - swiki
Here is what I have;

Apache 2 running on port 80
Comanche Web Server (running a swiki) on port 8000

Both of these services are running on the same machine.

The firewall permits access to the machines port 80, not 8000 and I setup DNS to direct '' to 80 but I'd like '' to resolve the port 8000 service (Comanche).

I know that this must be done via Apache and probably by using the mod_proxy modules but the documents at are rather technical and im not sure exactly what I need. Can someone please drop a hint or tow or help a bit?

Would this be a reverse proxy or forward? How can I tell if apache has loaded these modules sucessfully? where do i add the mod_proxy directive (httpd.conf?).

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