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hufemj 11-07-2006 07:19 AM

apache2 error message display problem SUSE 10.1
Apache2 is only loading two of three html error display helper files. The way error messages by default are supposed to be put together (apparently) is:
load top.html to get the beginning html element tags
load the plain text error message
load space.html to get ... err ... space
load bottom.html

Three of the four are happening. But top.html isn't getting loaded, even though it exists in the same directory under /usr/share/something with space.html and bottom.html.

I have apache2 configured to use virtual hosts in SUSE 10.1 and it's working, except for the error display piece. If you try accessing and do a view source on the error message display, you'll see.

What is it that tells apache2 to read these particular files (top.html, space.html, and bottom.html) in a particular order? I think there must be an xml file or something somewhere that maybe doesn't list top.html at all or maybe has a typo.:scratch:

Can anybody help?

- Mark

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