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ashish_v 09-05-2003 05:42 PM

apache Reverse Proxy !!!!!
Hi all,
may be this question has been asked a lot of many times, but still i ahven't got the clearity , may being a novice i need some straight answers to get started....

=> I have 2 web servers, one apache (on lnx) and IIS on W2k, i have a DSL router that gets the port 80 traffic to apache server..
I need to access the IIS Server without opening any more ports on the router or i would say kind of do a "reverse proxy" i believe.. i am not sure and that's what i am looking for ..

would like to know how to setup apache Reverse proxy to go to IIS Server. i have one domain .

I have tried using apache docs, tried name virtual hosts (which is not what i should be doing) but kind of not getting what i need..

would really appreciate if some one could point me into right direction or kind of give me a syntax and where to change some configs..


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