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jrbush82 05-02-2004 03:02 AM

Apache & Squirrelmail.. cannot remove SqMail?
Hello everyone, I have followed the qmailrocks tutorial on getting squirrelmail setup along with qmail and other applications to support qmail. The problem was, that anytime I made a configuration change to squirrelmail, it would not show up as a change. So I decided to remove the script completely and then just start over with it and make sure I did it right. Thats what I did, I deleted the squirrelmail directory contents, but yet, it still shows up, lets me login etc... ???

Any ideas?

trickykid 05-02-2004 09:04 AM

What exactly are you trying to remove or change? More details please as I am not following what your trying to do exactly, like what you mean by "it still shows up" and such? What is showing up?

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