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mahmoud 07-16-2008 09:28 AM

apache and php
i complied apache and php from source without any problems but the site the developer build was on both php4 and php5 and its working ok
i complied the apache and php and no errors
no i want to make a backup server that can act as a hop swap if the first one goes down problem is the guy who set it up has left so i am stuck
when i try to start the to php versions i get an error

[Wed Jul 16 15:22:41 2008] [warn] module php5_module is already loaded, skipping
(98)Address already in use: make_sock: could not bind to address
no listening sockets available, shutting down
Unable to open logs
any help will be great also when i try loading the webpage it comes up blank no error nothing just a white page

williebens 07-16-2008 04:00 PM

Run this command and post the output:

netstat -lnp | grep 80

Also check if you have Listen 80 more than once in you httpd.conf file.

The error you are getting is either because another service is already using port 80, running

netstat -lnp | grep 80

will tell you that, or because you have the Listen 80 direcive more than once in your apache file.


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