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jan5134 09-26-2012 07:18 AM

apache and CLOSE_WAIT connections

I Googled for like 2 days without any results.If you can, please help.

I'm using Centos 6.3 64bit running Apache 2.2.15
Apache works fine, but it stops responding after a few minutes.
The cause for this is that the connections never close.
The connections will stay in a CLOSE_WAIT state.As soon as i restart apache it works again
until the MaxClients are reached and then it stops responding again.

netstat -plant |grep CLOSE_WAIT:
tcp 1 0 ::ffff: ::ffff: CLOSE_WAIT 3498/httpd (Have like 600 of this)

Any idea what might cause this?


sundialsvcs 09-26-2012 08:20 AM

That's odd ... when I googled apache "close_wait" (notice the quotes), I encountered several very detailed postings, about various and distinctly-different possibilities, which for obvious reasons I won't repeat here. Which ones did you find so-far, and what was your conclusion so-far with each of them? Maybe what you're dealing with is somehow something different. Tell us also about whatever software besides Apache (if any) is serving these pages.

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