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yowwww 05-18-2003 03:50 AM

anything in linux to open rar files?
just like the title states

atko 05-18-2003 05:10 AM

Apparently, linux recognises rar files, see the following link for further details about use of rar files in linux;

If you do a search using Google - search "linux + rar files" you will get further results if the above doesn't help.


whansard 05-18-2003 06:27 AM

/# /usr/local/bin/rar
RAR 3.00 Copyright (c) 1993-2002 Eugene Roshal 14 May 2002
Shareware version Type RAR -? for help
Usage: rar <command> -<switch 1> -<switch N> <archive> <files...>
<@listfiles...> <path_to_extract\>
a Add files to archive
c Add archive comment
cf Add files comment
cw Write archive comment to file
d Delete files from archive
e Extract files to current directory
f Freshen files in archive
k Lock archive

yowwww 05-18-2003 12:14 PM

thanks for the input, but neither of those ideas worked. do they have to be done in kde? I used the terminal so it shouldn't matter. I don't mind doing things from cli like that.
I generally use red hat 7.3 but this is a file I downloaded with edonkey2000 on my College Linux box. I have it on a network so if I can move it to my other box (dual boot xp pro/rh 7.3) then that would be ok too. I can see my shared folders on my xp box in College Linux but I don't have permissions to write to those directories from CL. If I can easily change that, it would work too. In the end I would still like to find a way to open rar files in linux.
I've already tried google, but didn't find anything that was effective, i'll keep looking.
Thanks again.

Crashed_Again 05-18-2003 12:16 PM

Rar for Linux can be downloaded at:

yowwww 05-18-2003 12:26 PM

yes, I was just about to post that:

I downloaded the one for linux for cli and I extracted it but I haven't been able to unrar the file.
I'm trying to figure out the commands and how they work. I know I have to run it from the term, but I need to know what command to enter.

yowwww 05-18-2003 12:31 PM

ok, got it
I had to change to the directory where I had rar installed in my term and then specify what I wanted to extract with unrar e command and then specifiy where I wanted the files to go.

Thanks for all the input!

Monker 05-22-2006 10:25 PM

same problem
im new tothe whole linux thing im trying to install the rar program. i just can't figure it out could u please help

General 05-22-2006 11:17 PM

Well, first you need to install the program called "unrar". Please tell us what the name of your distribution is, so that we can provide you with some instructions for installing this.

Once you have installed unrar, open a terminal and change to the directory that the file is in. For instance, if you saved it in "/home/smith/Downloads", use this command:


cd /home/smith/Downloads
Then use this command to unpack the rar file:


unrar e filename
When typing the filename, don't type the file extention. For example, if you want to extract a file called "foo.rar" then use this command:


unrar e foo

Monker 05-23-2006 04:07 PM

ok im using the one from the link above rarlinux-3.6.b3.tar.gz i have been able to get the files out of the tar file i just don't know how to install now.

whansard 05-23-2006 04:11 PM

tar zxvf rarlinux-3.6.b3.tar.gz
will extract the archive, if you are in the directory with the archive. then there should be a README or something similar you should read within the extracted directory.

gloomy 05-23-2006 04:35 PM

Never had the motivation to install rar-packages yet and just popped into this thread but I could however ask, does the mentioned rarforlinux work under sheer amd64?

ethics 05-23-2006 04:47 PM

Ark works if you want graphical...

I use ark alot for uncompressing of stuff (tar.gz etc.)

gloomy 05-23-2006 05:01 PM

Actually I do not prefer GUI but nevertheless, is Ark just a frontend or?

Monker 05-24-2006 11:30 AM

acually i just found a converter to make it a tar file thanks for the help.

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