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Doug Hutcheson 04-26-2010 08:25 PM

Any interaction with CUPS server takes over minute
This has been raised as redhat bugzilla bug 583054 - see

I am posting here in case anyone else has dealt with a similar problem. In brief, I have a print server running Fedora 12/CUPS dual boot WinXP. The attached printer is a Canon BJC-4100. When the server is booted in F12, it takes over a minute for a networked Fedora 12 box to bring up a print dialog, or for the printer to start after a page has been submitted. When the print server is booted in WinXP, printing is immediate.

Tim Waugh identified the problem in the CUPS Troubleshooter output:
'D [10/Apr/2010:09:00:20 +1000] cupsdNetIFUpdate: "lo" = localhost:631',
'D [10/Apr/2010:09:00:37 +1000] cupsdNetIFUpdate: "eth0" =',
'D [10/Apr/2010:09:00:54 +1000] cupsdNetIFUpdate: "virbr0" =',
'D [10/Apr/2010:09:00:54 +1000] cupsdNetIFUpdate: "lo" = localhost:631',
'D [10/Apr/2010:09:01:11 +1000] cupsdNetIFUpdate: "eth0" =

In other words, the CUPS server is hanging during some network interaction.

I do not run my own DNS. All Fedora machines on the network have their peers named in /etc/hosts. Neither the print server nor any other box on the LAN has any trouble with other network activities like ssh, scp, VNC - all these respond immediately.

I am hoping the answer is in the CUPS server configuration somewhere. I have tried using two different boxes as the print server with the same results. I am using plain-vanilla Fedora 12 tools and localhost:631 to configure the printer.

Any ideas would be gratefully received.

Tinkster 04-27-2010 12:17 AM

Does the machine have itself listed as localhost in /etc/hosts ?
What does /etc/host.conf look like?

Doug Hutcheson 04-27-2010 01:19 AM

Hi, Tinkster.
If you can help me find out how to help myself in this I would be delighted! The lesson is likely to stick that way.

The machine is currently booted in WinXP, but it is an out-of-the-box installation of Fedora 12 so should be the same as my other machines... which case, /etc/host.conf is

/multi on
order hosts,bind
The machines have only the and ::1 entries for themselves in /etc/hosts. These entries have the name and name.domain of the computer, for example:
Quote: localhost localhost.localdomain localhost4 localhost4.localdomain4 cardraeh
::1 localhost localhost.localdomain localhost6 localhost6.localdomain6 cardraeh
The /etc/hosts files do not have an entry for the local machine at its IP address, so, for example, machine cardraeh does not have an entry ' cardraeh'

Doug Hutcheson 05-08-2010 04:35 AM

The problem has been fixed by a very new upgrade to CUPS, plus adding a line for the server at its IP address (in the server's /etc/hosts) like ' cardraeh' in addition to the entry for Never needed that line before - go figure!
Cheers, Doug.

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