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xmrkite 12-04-2011 09:35 PM

Another "Recommend me a distro thread" KDE Version
Hey all, I have seen these before, but I wanted to get some fresh info.

I have had kubuntu 10.10 on my amd 3800+ with 1gb ram for a while, but was wanting to get more up to date software..namely firefox and thunderbird.

So i put linux mint. Not liking the new gnome, and being used to kde, i put kde on it. It's super slow. Kubuntu 10.10 was very fast and worked great.

What do you all recommend that I put on this old but not too old hardware? XFCE works fine but I feel like it's missing a lot of good programs. Thunar sucks, I can't put a folder view type widget that shows the files and lets you open them directly, desktop background photo changing every hour, etc etc. Lots of little things i got used to in kde.

I'd like to get a computer that will still be getting updated versions of firefox and whatnot for at least a year or two before I am forced to upgrade.


snowpine 12-04-2011 10:03 PM

You can get the latest Firefox and Thunderbird from the Mozilla PPA:

TobiSGD 12-05-2011 02:17 PM

Slackware 13.37 has KDE and the latest Firefox and Thunderbird.

craigevil 12-05-2011 03:06 PM

Simple download Firefox and Thunderbird from Mozilla. Don't mess with your distros package management system. This way you can use whichever distro you prefer and still have the current releases of Firefox and Thunderbird.

Both Firefox and Thunderbird will auto update when Mozilla releases new versions.

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