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islandBilly 11-25-2012 12:33 PM

android virtual device not being found when running test in eclipse
I am running eclipse with the newest android sdk and avd, under ubuntu 11.04. It has no trouble running my app on a real android device, but I have tried to create several virtual devices, all are said to be valid. Then I try to run a test and even when eclipse lets me pick a virtual device, what happens is that the virtual device starts and then I get a message that "compatible virtual device not found" and the app never runs.

I saw a reference to setting ANDROID-SDK-HOME in Windows, but do not see where to do that in Ubuntu, and most posts indicate this is not a problem in Linux.

Any ideas on why my vitual devices cannot be found?

islandBilly 11-25-2012 08:08 PM

running the emulator first does it
I went back to my project and fussed around with it, since it seemed so close to working. this may be magical thinking, but it seems that to get an emulator going with a given virtual device, you must

1)define that virtual device with the android virtual device manager;
2) select that device and Start it (there is a start button in the manager window);
3) then you hit the debug button in the Eclipse java view to start a debug run; this takes you to the list of virtual devices, one of which should be seen to be running - but in my case its state is "offline".so
4) you double-click the running device and it becomes online and the window disappears. After some time, the virtual device comes up and looks like it would if it had a locked screen. the Console in Eclipse says it is running the main activity, but it doesn't seem to be true.
5) hit the run button in Eclipse and it will really really install the app on the virtual device. you can then choose it from the applications menu in the virtual device and it will run inside it.

Geez! At least it works...

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