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jaakkop 07-17-2005 03:40 AM

amarok wont start in Slackware
I installed amarok using the package from I then installed the musicbrainz libraries from source. Now when I started amarok, I got the wizard and got somethings configured until it closed. I tried to start it in konsole but it gave me this:

amaroK: [Loader] Starting amarokapp..
amaroK: [Loader] Don't run gdb, valgrind, etc. against this binary! Use amarokapp.
amarok: BEGIN: App::App()
amarok:  BEGIN: EngineBase* EngineController::loadEngine(const QString&)
amarok:    [PluginManager] Plugin trader constraint: [X-KDE-amaroK-framework-version] == 5 and [X-KDE-amaroK-plugintype] == 'engine' and [X-KDE-amaroK-name] != 'void-engine' and [X-KDE-amaroK-rank] > 0
amarok:    [PluginManager] Plugin trader constraint: [X-KDE-amaroK-framework-version] == 5 and [X-KDE-amaroK-plugintype] == 'engine' and [X-KDE-amaroK-name] == 'void-engine' and [X-KDE-amaroK-rank] > 0
amarok:    [PluginManager] Trying to load: libamarok_void-engine_plugin
amarok:    PluginManager Service Info:
amarok:    ---------------------------
amarok:    name                          : <no engine>
amarok:    library                      : libamarok_void-engine_plugin
amarok:    desktopEntryPath              : amarok_void-engine_plugin.desktop
amarok:    X-KDE-amaroK-plugintype      : engine
amarok:    X-KDE-amaroK-name            : void-engine
amarok:    X-KDE-amaroK-authors          : (Max Howell,Mark Kretschmann)
amarok:    X-KDE-amaroK-rank            : 1
amarok:    X-KDE-amaroK-version          : 1
amarok:    X-KDE-amaroK-framework-version: 5
QObject::connect: Cannot connect Engine::Base::statusText( const QString& ) to (null)::shortMessage( const QString& )
QObject::connect: Cannot connect Engine::Base::infoMessage( const QString& ) to(null)::longMessage( const QString& )
amarok:  END__: EngineBase* EngineController::loadEngine(const QString&) - Took 0.02s
amarokapp: symbol lookup error: amarokapp: undefined symbol: _ZN11KSystemTray9setPixmapERK7QPixmap

What is this? How can I fix this?

markey 07-17-2005 05:16 AM

That's a binary incompatibility issue. In other words: Your amaroK package was made for a different kdelibs/qt version.

Get another package or build amaroK from source. We recommend using the latest 1.3-beta2 release.

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