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jiml8 06-29-2007 11:17 AM

amarok busy wait
Has anyone else seen this?

On my Mandriva 2007.1 workstation, Amarok appears to busy-wait and suck up all the processor. There are two modes that I see here; whenever I run it, it'll busy-wait for about 2 seconds about every 8 seconds, sucking 100% of the CPU and preventing any user input.

The second mode only seems to happen after I have opened the playlist window, stopped the current playlist (or it ends), and I start a new playlist. At this time, amarok begins to busy wait nearly 100% of the time and I wind up with very little control over the user input, though eventually I can move the mouse far enough to reach one means or another of killing amarok.

The only way I have found to prevent this behavior is to renice amarok to a low enough priority that it can't keep the processor. This does not seem to affect music streaming.

On my Kubuntu laptop, I don't see this behavior at all so I presume it has something to do with Mandriva, but I have no idea what.

On a perhaps related note, whenever I start amarok, it won't stream from the internet. It seems to be expecting to be working through an http proxy named "loca". When I reconfigure the xine engine to not look for a proxy, it immediately works. But I don't seem to be able to save this configuration; the next time I start amarok it again expects to see loca.

I don't suppose anyone here knows what is going on?

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