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Daz_Man2803 03-17-2005 10:53 AM

Amarok and Xine engine
im trying to configure my 5.1 sound in Amarok using the Xine engine. 5.1 works using the aRts engine but the output is jumpy so im using xine engine. i have set my speaker set up to 5.1 in the settings for xine engine. in the 4th column down it says "Device used for stereo output" and the code for that is "plug:front:0", which makes the music come out my front 2 speakers. i have changed this to "plug:rear:0" and this plays music out of the rear ones. the problem is i cant get them to come out of the front and rear at the same time. i have tried commands such as "plug:front:0, plug:rear0", "plug:front:rear:0", "plug:front:0:rear:0" etc. but i cant get them to both work at the same time. my soundcard is a Creative Audigy and my speakers are Creative Gigaworks S750. any suggestions how to either get xine working properly or get aRts engine working properly?

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