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Holering 10-03-2010 12:19 AM

Alternative to Audacious for eac cuesheets, midi playback (hardware)? Fix audacious?
Ok so while I thought audacious was perfect especially with the gtk interface it just isn't cutting it for me anymore. Everytime I'm done using it I gotta delete the dreaded playlist file in /home/user/.config/audacious otherwise I get a segmentation fault... It's really annoying and renders it practically useless for me ... BTW this is with version 2.4.0 and with with the unstable version I get a segmentation fault before anything even with no prior audacious configuration directory left! So with the unstable versions it's like a step backwards for me.

I read about another slackware user who built it with zlib 1.2.5 which is what I'm using. He said he fixed it by switching back to zlib 1.2.3. I tried that and I get the same results after recompiling audacious+plugins. Perhaps this is because I recompiled-rebuilt my entire slackware system from sources with zlib 1.2.5. Either way it isn't going to work for me.

I'm running deadbeef 0.4.1 right now and I like it! Buuttt... No midi playback... At least I thought there was since it builds adplug... It even lets me choose *.midi files as supported file types and it shows in playlist but when I double click the midi it just jumps to the next available song... Damn... Maybe I did something wrong? Another issue is the resampler doesn't seem to be doing anything. I think there's actually two resamplers? I can go to preferences, plugins, alsa output plugin, and I click on "Use alsa resampling" which makes the sound click and sounds smoother. Cpu usage doesn't go up but it sounds like it's working. If I go to preferences, sound (adv.), clicking "allow dynamic sample rate switching" doesn't seem to do anything (whether I have alsa resampling on or off), and I can select different sample rate conversion qualities which don't seem to affect cpu usage or anything (whether or not I have both alsa resampling and dynamic sample rate switching enabled or one vs the other)... LOL

Yeah so what other players are there that have stable eac cuesheet playback and hardware midi playback (worked fine in audacious and xmms). Is this all linux has?

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