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Adony 10-07-2004 03:55 PM

Alternative terminal to konsole & gnome-terminal
Hi there!!

Im looking for a terminal emulator that have the tab function like konsole or gnome-terminal but that its desktop environment independent because im not using neither of them (fluxbox btw) and as far as i now when konsole (or g-t) is loaded it also loads some libs to the memory (not counting that i've to have it installed in disk) that i really wouldnt need if im not using them... (i also dont use any of the appz that come with both gnome and kde).

Any alternatives?
Thanks in advance ...

Shade 10-07-2004 05:05 PM

is an excellent one, based off of multiterm, aterm, and rxvt.

For your future software searches, try and :)


fenderman11111 10-07-2004 06:43 PM

Xterm, eterm

Adony 10-08-2004 03:59 AM

Shade thanks a lot!

I've finished compilling it and thats just what im looking for !

Im usually search for software at sourceforge/freshmeat for searching software but in this case i liked to hear the differents opinions (not so many at all :) ) and to see wich one fits better
Anyway thanks again for the help

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