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DiBosco 01-06-2007 05:59 PM

Altera Quartus on Mandriva?
This is a long shot, but has anyone managed to get Altera's Quartus running on Mandriva?

Today I installed Quartus 6.1 on Mandriva 2007. After I had installed it (which was pretty straightforward) I updated the PATH to include the bin directory and typed:


This booted the program and it looked pretty much like the Windows version. All seemed fine. I put a shortcut on the desktop and it also booted just fine from there.

However, while poking around the inside of my PC to look at what motherboard I had in it, I must've accidently disturbed the reset cable as the PC suddenly reset. After that, Quatus resolutely refuses to run.

I have tried reinstalling Quartus and it still just will not run. If I do it from the command line it just sits doing nothing. If I try it from the shortcut on the desktop the cursor changes and bounces like it's trying to load the program, but then stops and gives up.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to why this might be or how I can troubleshoot this? I am a novice to Quartus both on Windows and Linux.

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