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stumbling_hack 05-16-2004 12:49 AM

Alt Escape - Suse 9.0 Kde --Frozen bubbles
I've recently made the change from (part time Linux user-Full Time Win User) to (Full Time Linux user). Done and picked up SUSE 9.0 Pro for $50.00. WOW! OK so the distro is already oblsolete but 50 BUCKS! I've got Star Office and much much more. I'm going to be a busy little doofus "exploring" (NOT TM*) everything in this distro. Did I mention that it was about 1/4 the $$ of a Windas distro that has fewer features?

Anyway I got lost in "Frozen Bubbles" game. Did some tabbing etc., shrunk but couldn't kill. Even console su + kill didn't stop this app..with its little song looping "di da da dee dee da da dee".

Then I divined the spirit of Linus and hit the combo ALT+[ESC]. It went away.

Is this an X-window thing? Google search for alt esc returned a bunch of windas stuff. Is ALT+[ESC] something I should put in my mental toolbox? Can you direct me to some DOX?

Thanx and I love this community. No secrets...1E6 eyes = trust.

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