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sloik2000 07-09-2005 08:50 AM

alsa-utils conflicts with alsa-lib
One day, I decided it was finally time for a daily update. So I started yum, it found the packages, and I told it to update. In the middle of Installing the updates, my computer froze!!! So I restarted.
When it booted up, I went into the root account, and told yum to update again. This time, before installing, I got this message:

Transaction Check Error:  file /usr/bin/alsacard from install of alsa-utils-1.0.9rf-2.FC4 conflicts with file from package alsa-lib-1.0.9rc4-2
I tried deleting the alsacard file, but to no avail! And if I tried a yum remove on alsa-lib, then a ton of dependencies would be removed along with it. How do I go about solving this problem?:cry:


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