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JurajPsycho 03-19-2005 07:15 AM

alsa - missing pcm
I installed latest alsa from sources, version 1.0.9rc1. Everything went fine, modprobe-d all modules and started xmms to see, wheter it works or not. Changed playback device to alsalib, but I'm getting this error:

** WARNING **: alsa_setup(): Failed to open pcm device (default): No such device
I googled for a while and discovered, that I'm missing some files in my /dev/snd folder
this is what it contains now:

$ ls -l /dev/snd
Total 0
crw-rw----  1 root audio 116,  0 2005-02-22 15:31 controlC0
crw-rw----  1 root audio 116, 33 2005-02-22 15:31 timer

I saw listing of somebody else, where there where some pcmxxxx files... Any ideas?

t3gah 03-20-2005 04:48 PM

JurajPsycho 03-30-2005 05:16 AM

ok, probelm solved, needed to recompile kernel....

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